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To help with the ‘Burden of the Buck’, independent artists make their music available for $5 an albu

Janesville, WI, and all across the country: There’s been a lot of talk about how prices keep getting higher, though not too much is said from those trying to ease the burden. A little light is shed on one form of that endeavor.

At the independent music superstore known as CD Baby, there’s been a sale that’s always quietly going on. It’s called the $5 Special. Right now, there are over 10,000 quality albums, whose artists are participating in the sale. The music covers every genre known to man, and some that don’t ‘exist’ yet.

The way the sale works is quite simple. Find three albums that are a part of the sale, such as “An Open Mind” by Louis Lamp and add them to your shopping cart. Once three albums are in the cart, their list prices all change to five dollars. So long as you order a minimum of 3, you can get as many albums as you like.

Independent artists from all over the country are participating in this sale, and for some, it’s just their way of saying ‘thanks for listening’. Each album listing comes with a description of the music, reviews (if any) and samples of the music. You may listen to the samples as often as you like, but the samples are only the first two minutes of the song, or half of the song; if it is shorter than four minutes.

Usually, a link to the artist’s website and a link to email the artist are also present. CD Baby has sold well over a million albums to customers, and their customer support and shipping departments are top notch. If you’re in the Portland area, it may be best to also stop by CD Baby and meet the crew that’s helping you.

Louis Lamp is one of the aforementioned independent artists. His debut album, “An Open Mind” is currently available through the $5 sale at CD Baby. He is currently working on music to support the movie Wolf – The Animated Feature, and his next solo album. He is also working on a project known as Prime 7. The other artists in that project are Wade Bachrach, Jimmy Caterine, Gonzo Grogg and Michael Jordet.

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